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Dr. Lopez Ivern offers a unique, medically supervised treatment plan combining dietary and lifestyle changes with a once-a-week injection of weight loss medication for 3 months, followed by maintenance if indicated. With this plan, you can experience reduced appetite and weight loss, bringing significant cardiovascular benefits. Please phone us to schedule an appointment at (561)363-6444 and begin your weight loss journey.

Weight loss medicines are weekly injections that regulate your digestion and appetite to help you lose weight. Originally studied in Diabetics (GLP and GIP*), these hormones are secreted on ingestion.

They stimulate insulin secretion and impact on the brain changing feeding behavior and energy balance.

There is clear beneficial impact on cardiovascular outcomes and weight loss. 

The doctor will evaluate individual circumstances of each patient addressing side effects and possible contraindications. Among different peptides, we will work with Semaglutide and Tirzepatide. 

  • GLP: Glucagon-like-peptide
  • GIP: Gastric inhibitory polypeptide

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